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Dirty makeup sponges harbor dangerous bacteria
4 HRS AGO - Mounting evidence shows that many beauty products — particularly makeup sponges — become Expand
Flesh-Eating Infection Tied to Heroin Kills Seven
16 HRS AGO - All of the deaths occurred in San Diego County, CA.
Weight-Loss Surgery a Boon for the Heart
18 HRS AGO - The research included 38 obese patients who had weight-loss surgery and 19 obese patients who were Expand
Vaping Tied to Lung Illness Seen in Metalworkers
18 HRS AGO - The disease, called hard-metal pneumoconiosis or "cobalt lung," usually occurs when people inhale Expand
Study reveals how diabetes drug promotes healthy aging
19 HRS AGO - Doctors often prescribe metformin for type 2 diabetes. A new mouse study on its liver mechanisms Expand
Prostate cancer: Home urine test could 'revolutionize diagnosis
1 DAY AGO - A recent study has investigated a simpler way of testing urine for prostate cancer. The new test Expand
Letter from the Editor: Getting into the spirit
1 DAY AGO - In this month's letter, Managing Editor Honor Whiteman reveals how MNT are celebrating Halloween Expand
My experience of breast implant illness
1 DAY AGO - My name is Kayla Gasbarro, and following breast implant surgery, I have lived with breast implant Expand
Penile melanosis: Causes, treatment, and more
1 DAY AGO - Penile melanosis is a benign condition that causes dark patches of skin to appear on the penis. Expand
Beware of Workplace Germs
15 HRS AGO - Germs live and thrive in the workplace. Find out about germ hot spots, when contamination is at Expand
Drug Reduces Delusions in Dementia Patients
16 HRS AGO - The drug eases hallucinations that can cause anxiety, aggression and physical and verbal abuse.
What to Expect from Periods After 40
18 HRS AGO - Before your periods end, your body goes into a phase called perimenopause, which could last 2 to Expand
Social Media Sympathy
18 HRS AGO - Nowadays, much of people's grieving shows up online. See the advice a professor of communication Expand
Only 'cat whisperers' can read felines' facial expressions
21 HRS AGO - New research finds that most people are unable to read cats' facial expressions, apart from a Expand
Can mammograms show who is at risk of heart failure?
1 DAY AGO - Recent research suggests that mammograms may help identify women at risk of heart failure by Expand
Letter from the Editor: It's raining cats and dogs
1 DAY AGO - In this month's letter, Managing Editor Honor Whiteman talks about a fantastic new type of content Expand
High blood pressure in the morning: What does it mean?
1 DAY AGO - Some people may have abnormally high blood pressure in the morning. Here, learn about its causes Expand
Blood pressure readings: What they mean
1 DAY AGO - Understanding blood pressure readings can be confusing if a person does not know what the numbers Expand
How Well Are You Aging? A Blood Test Might Tell
16 HRS AGO - The scientists analyzed plasma -- the cell-free, fluid part of blood -- from more than 4,200 Expand
New Results for Experimental Alzheimer's Drug
16 HRS AGO - Studies on aducanumab were halted earlier this year because the drug didn't appear to be Expand
Distracted by Their Smartphones, Pedestrians Are Landing in the ER
18 HRS AGO - According to one database, more than 2,500 men and women went to an emergency room for head and Expand
Popular Diabetes Drug May Contain a Carcinogen
19 HRS AGO - More than 30 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and 90 to 95% are type 2, the CDC says, and Expand
My experience living with a cancer diagnosis
22 HRS AGO - My name is Chris Fry, and I received a diagnosis of terminal cancer this year. This is how I came Expand
Top 5 cases of zombies from the real world
1 DAY AGO - Are there any zombies in nature? And what about humans, are we ever at risk of zombification? Read Expand
My experience of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)
1 DAY AGO - My name is Regina Denny, and in 2018, I lost my son Brian to cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome Expand
Right shoulder and arm pain: 6 causes and what to do
1 DAY AGO - There are several potential causes of right shoulder and arm pain. Read on to find out the various Expand
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