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How a volcanic eruption helped create modern Scotland
14 HRS AGO - Eruption-induced cooling likely exacerbated the “Scottish ills” of the late 1690s
Scientists just found a planet circling a dead star
16 HRS AGO - The discovery shows solar systems can survive after their suns explode
Space budget boost puts Europe in lead to monitor carbon from space
18 HRS AGO - Funding increase for ESA’s Copernicus program advances satellites to monitor Paris accord cuts
Should aging lab monkeys be retired to sanctuaries?
22 HRS AGO - Biomedical researchers are increasingly interested in retiring monkeys, but the community is Expand
Make your next Christmas tree out of books
1 DAY AGO - Empty your bookshelves, grab a string of old lights, and craft a tree that will make you smile Expand
From coffee beans to car parts: How Ford and McDonald's are teaming up for sustainable solutions
1 DAY AGO - By turning coffee waste into auto parts, this collaboration builds on the two companies' Expand
Mysterious ring galaxy continues to puzzle astronomers
1 DAY AGO - Hoag's Object, a celestial doughnut that features a galaxy within a galaxy, is a beautiful Expand
The benefits of using natural hair dyes
1 DAY AGO - Blackcurrant, indigo and henna can color and strengthen your hair naturally and avoid some of the Expand
Hockey fans throw 45,000 stuffed animals on the ice for charity
1 DAY AGO - Fans at a Hershey Bears hockey game threw stuffed animals on the ice so they could be donated to Expand
Radar uncovers another Viking ship in Norway
14 HRS AGO - The discovery of the 66-foot vessel in Norway is part of a large, previously unknown Viking burial Expand
Debating lab monkey retirement, and visiting a near-Earth asteroid
17 HRS AGO - On this week’s show: A close look at retiring research monkeys, and observations of ejected Expand
Why NASA wants to 'touch the sun'
19 HRS AGO - NASA's Parker Solar Probe is exploring the sun's scorching outer atmosphere.
Scientists find mysterious galaxies that don't have any dark matter
23 HRS AGO - 19 newly discovered dwarf galaxies are missing dark matter.
Nitrogen crisis from jam-packed livestock operations has ‘paralyzed’ Dutch economy
1 DAY AGO - Ecological damage from manure fumes triggers calls for drastic change to agriculture
Rivers could generate thousands of nuclear power plants worth of energy, thanks to a new ‘blue’ membrane
1 DAY AGO - Boron nitride nanotube membrane creates power by controlling the flow of electrically charged ions Expand
Even 50-year-old climate models correctly predicted global warming
1 DAY AGO - Study debunks idea that older models were inaccurate
15 Facts About Bioenergy
1 DAY AGO - It's a crucial tool in the fight against climate change, but that's not the only reason to Expand
Walk between the Smokies on North America's longest pedestrian suspension bridge
2 DAYS AGO - SkyBridge, North America's longest longest pedestrian suspension bridge, opens in Gatlinburg, Expand
Skepticism persists about revived Alzheimer’s drug after conference presentation
15 HRS AGO - U.S. regulators will decide next year whether Biogen’s antibody drug deserves market approval
The ongoing rehabilitation of Michael Vick
18 HRS AGO - The football player who served time for dogfighting has spent years advocating for animals, but Expand
Why dogs love the cold and playing in the snow
20 HRS AGO - You might hibernate when it snows, but your dog loves playing in a winter wonderland.
Early humans domesticated themselves, new genetic evidence suggests
1 DAY AGO - Selection against bullies may have caused significant changes in the way our species looks
Your dog understands more than you think
1 DAY AGO - Study finds that dogs can recognize the difference between words and voices.
Why copper is so good at killing super bugs (and regular bacteria, too)
1 DAY AGO - Copper is so effective, many experts think we should coat hospital beds, railings and other public Expand
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